22 Mac 2011

i have got permission to use it .

hye bloggers . today , I want to show that I have permission to use their doodles ! doodles in my header is owned lovalina.tumblr.com, I already asked the owner , but shedid not respond , wait a few more days . btw, look at the picture below , it is written by the owner .
sorry for print screen. I just wanted to show them that Erlina (name of owner) is a very good heart. thank ya.

*double click untuk tumbesaran :)

I really do not know how to use this tumblr, but I'm trying tounderstand it . above , is the evidence to show that I had asked permission from them .

TO doodlersI want to apologize for what happened . possible , because you are too cute doodles , so I took it without thinking about your feelings . I apologize once again . i know my english is bad

Tengs sebab bace . ILY readers .

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